Rounding errors

March 30, 2008

A long-standing problem in KDiamond was that the lower and right border were thinner than the upper and left one. I finally had a deeper look into this with a special debug theme (big rectangles instead of partly transparent SVG masterpieces) and found that this issue was caused by rounding errors. When converting from a floating-point precision number to an integer numer, the digits after the decimal point are usually cut off. In my case this let all diamonds move to the lower right. The bug is now partially fixed, the rest is virtually invisible.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine has started his first KDE application. Palapeli (located in playground/games) is a jigsaw puzzle game. Unlike the normal jigsaw implementations, you do not have to move the pieces from a list onto a fixed board, but can move the parts freely. We will release a first preview version once we have loading and saving of puzzles, and a proper “New puzzle” dialog. Right now, there are only some command line arguments, so if you want to try Palapeli, make sure to pass something in the “–image” argument. For any further questions, `palapeli –help` is your friend.


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