Simulation of NDAS devices

April 11, 2008

Of course, my NDAS device is located at home. But my notebook, where most KaNDAS development takes place, is designed to be mobile. I’ve decided to make my NDAS device mobile, too. It is not in my bag, but on my hard drive is KaNDASsimul.

Like the name indicates, KaNDASsimul simulates NDAS devices (or better: NDAS drivers). The KaNDASd daemon gets all information it needs from the /proc/ndas tree which is generated by the ndas-core kernel module. KaNDASsimul generates such a tree from the commands one enters on its CLI. The only disadvantage with this approach is that you have to do state transitions (namely connection and disconnection of devices) manually as KaNDASd is not able to know whether its source is real or simulated and that is good of course; simulation is a development tool and not intended for a mainstream release.

Talking of a mainstream release, you might have noticed that there have not been any until now. I’m simply busy with real life issues. The only thing that is missing for a first release is the invocation of state transitions in KaNDAS (and some bugfixing: it does some quirks while loading). If everything goes well, KaNDAS, KaNDASd, and KaNDASconsole will be entering the alpha phase before the end of this month.


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