KaNDAS 0.1.0

May 3, 2008

KaNDASd, KaNDAS, and KaNDASconsole 0.1.0 have been released. A source tarball is available from the project page, packages for openSUSE 10.3 and 11.0 (aka Factory) are currently being built (use the the openSUSE package search to find and install them).

This release arrived one day later than expected because yesterday was too busy for me. Besides KaNDAS and some recent work on the jigsaw puzzle game Palapeli, there were some quantum physics lessons to go through.

If you try to compile trunk these days, you’ll notice that KaNDAS fails. That is, in fact, not a problem with KaNDAS which is working fine when used with KaNDASd 0.1, but KaNDASd has iterated its interface version from 0.1 to 0.2 with some massive cleanups. KaNDASconsole has already been ported with just 4 lines of code changed, so KaNDAS should be an easy job once I get into it seriously.

Besides the API cleanup, I’m hoping to get some new features into KaNDASd (driver control and device registration) and stabilize KaNDAS (its lists are sometimes behaving in a quite interesting manner).


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