Akademy is over…

August 15, 2008

…and due to a lot of unfortunate events, I did not code very much. At least, I managed to find Jonathan Riddell, so I do now have the opportunity to greet all Planet KDE readers. In case you do not know me already: Hello, I’m Stefan, a student and kdegames programmer from Dresden in Saxony. I have written KDiamond and am currently working on Palapeli.

That brings me back on topic: Palapeli could be progressing faster, but at least I have polished the dialogs and the minimap quite a bit. Also, rendering of non-rectangular pieces does now work as expected, and hopefully, I get jigsaw puzzle pieces done soon.

On a side note, I had a very enlightening talk to it-s, our kdegames graphics designer, and some other developers. Now if everything goes well, Palapeli will soon look much nicer. That is all for now, I cannot write on the N810 keyboard anymore.

Now I just remember a second side note I would like to throw in: There has not been any progress in KaNDAS for the last months. It depends on my personal organization and real-life influences whenI can resume work on it. Anyone is of course free to step up and help out, the code is quite readable.


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