Jigsaw puzzles in KDE: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

August 17, 2008

After my last post, you are probably waiting for screenshots. Let’s start with what was yesterday: I recently found the KPuzzle website. KPuzzle was a puzzle game for KDE 2 and 3, it seems to have had last activity in 2004, therefore it never recieved a KDE 4 port. Here is one of the screenshots the KPuzzle website offers:

KPuzzle screenshot

KPuzzle 0.4 screenshot

In my eyes, the interface is functional, but somewhat cluttered. Actually, I tried the game and had problems to find my way in. I hope that the first steps can be achieved easier in Palapeli. Right now, its interface looks very clean from the start, but clutters a bit once you try to do more sophisticated actions like import/export of saved games. No more words, here it is:

A jigsaw puzzle in Palapeli using the block theme.A jigsaw puzzle in Palapeli using the curved theme.

A jigsaw puzzle in Palapeli using the block and the curved theme.

What you will not see here, are the minimap, the preview pane, and the saved games view. Apart from that, you will probably notice that Palapeli’s jigsaw themes look very, ummm, simple at the moment. This will hopefully change; I have already requested nicer shapes.

Now that does already look quite good, so when can we see that? I’m planning yet more features for Palapeli, including rotatable pieces, background pictures for the puzzle table and GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff) support. Including an interface cleanup, I’m pretty sure that Palapeli won’t make it into KDE 4.2, but 4.3 seems like a reachable target. (It may also be that Palapeli becomes the first KDE game in extragear, I’m uncertain about that.)


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