The week in Palapeli: Real persistency, and a call for artists

October 4, 2008

Seems like KMail does (most definitely due to lousy internet connection) not send my mail to the kde-artists mailing list, so I’m posting it here. I need some icons for Palapeli. These are (in descending priority):

  • an application icon (I use preferences-plugin currently)
  • icons for the various patterns that come with Palapeli (name: palapeli-pattern-[rectangular|hexagon|jigsaw])
  • an action icon “Show/Hide minimap” (I use document-preview currently)

The last one is something other games might want, too. If anyone feels like designing these icons, upload them to trunk/playground/games/palapeli/pics or similar (that directory does not exist yet).

Now the second big announcement: Palapeli is one of the first KDE applications (probably even the first one, I dunno) to have real persistency: Every change on the puzzle table is immediately saved to disk, which means that you can close Palapeli at all time and continue playing later. (That does also mean that you can only have one savegame per puzzle, but that does not seem to be a problem by now. The only problem is that Palapeli does not have a “Reset” button currently: Once you have solved the puzzle, you have to delete some configuration manually.)

What made this possible? The new interface I built some time ago has (as I already planned in my last blog entry) been removed, along with the underlying storage framework. I’m assembling some new library classes and dialogs, but currently, only Open and Export work. I hope to make new dialogs for Create and Import tomorrow.

The third point in this post is the bigger picture, i.e. what I expect Palapeli to become: I would like to transform it into a KPart. Yay, puzzle playing in Konqueror! I would really like to select a puzzle from KDE-Look and start playing directly in the browser (without obscure Web 2.0 stuff). That is the future I desire for Palapeli, and as I will never stop to collect ideas: what do you want to be Palapeli like? (See that lovely “Comment” button?)


6 Responses to “The week in Palapeli: Real persistency, and a call for artists”

  1. DanaKil Says:

    hi šŸ™‚

    I would love to see some kind of bevel (“3D effect”) for the pieces of the puzzle, something like (beware, ugly example) (see the blue piece with and without the effect)

    Don’t know how if this is feasible but this give a great realistic touch šŸ™‚

    Another idea : it would be cool to have a puzzle board as a desktop wallpaper plugin for plasma (without all the GUI of course…)

  2. majewsky Says:

    About the bevel effect: In fact, I already tried to do a simple shadow effect, but failed for some reason I do not remember. It is now on the todolist again, but I will have to read more about efficient graphics manipulation for this.

    About Plasma: Nice idea, even if it will require much infrastructural work to avoid code duplication.

  3. Jon Severinsson Says:

    I like the idea of a plasma puzzle as well, but honestly, that is a plasmoid , not a backround, as backrounds shouldn’t be interacticve, and I’d like to be able to solve the puzzle on my desktop.

  4. frinring Says:

    Hi :), still waiting to see Palapeli in kdegames.
    I agree the bevel effect would be very nice and add to the realistic look of KDE these days.
    What I would like even more are some collaboration features. Like solving a puzzle together, or solving the same puzzle in competition. You guessed it. Now asked for in public šŸ˜‰

  5. lynx Says:

    Isn’t this persistency thing a problem for power saving?
    Writting to the disk all the time will cause it to wake up (also the proc)

  6. majewsky Says:

    lynx: It is only one file that is being written (something by 4KB in size, and that will reduce), and that does not happen when Palapeli is just idling, only when you move something.

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