A physicist’s playground, and no OpenGL experts

December 17, 2008

Real life has been busy recently, but work on Kolf 2 is going on. My recent achievement has been first code for collision handling. The new implementation is much more compact and readable than the old one, and I have ensured through some simple tricks that the quirks with the old code (esp. ball-wall collision) cannot happen. Now some of you would like to see this code in action. As you cannot see correct collisions on a screenshot, and I have not yet installed recordmydesktop or such, you will have to checkout the code from playground/games.

I have spent much time to think about the further way of Kolf, and the path seems quite clear now. We¹ will implement a 2D top-down view in Kolf 2.0 as it is known from the 1.x series. Some people wanted an isometric view, but we² decided that it’s too hard to implement. Instead, we³ will be striving to deliver a really good 2D view with clear height impressions for 4.3. (Of course, that means for me personally that Palapeli won’t be ready before 4.4, but Kolf has more priority because of its popularity.) I really want a 3D view, but it will be optional (because the 2D view is much better for the level editor, and also carries the classical Kolf spirit from my point of view). This combination should be able to make anyone happy.

Now on to the announcement: We’re looking for an OpenGL programmer to do this 3D view (I had a look into OpenGL earlier, but did not continue on it). Please contact the kde-games-devel mailinglist if you’re interested.

¹ Concerning programmers, “we” is still “I”, but contributors are welcome.
² In this case, “we” are the visitors of the kdegames IRC channel.
³ Right, that’s “me” again. Contributors are still welcome.


3 Responses to “A physicist’s playground, and no OpenGL experts”

  1. Vlad Says:

    Just want to point that that Step is a really amazing physics framework for KDE and may be useful to you

    Also, kGLengine is really cool too, and may be useful for all 2d related GL work.


  2. majewsky Says:

    Hi Vlad,

    I’ve evaluated both, and Step is a really good piece of code, but way too much for Kolf; and KGLEngine does not provide 3D support yet (the 2D view is a simple QGraphicsView).

  3. Ben Says:

    Perhaps it’s still worth contacting the KGLengine developers. They fall in the
    category “opengl developer AND kdegames developer”. So even if they can’t
    use kglengine as-is for this job they might be interested.

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