2008 wrap-up

January 3, 2009

So everyone has been posting turn-of-the-year blogs, and I have been visiting my parents (who live in the country without internet connection), so I’m late. At all, 2008 was a very interesting KDE year for me. After having used KDE 3 for about one year and 4 for some months, I joined the developer team in February with the import of KDiamond. In April, development on Palapeli started, and its targeted feature set increased more and more over time: It’s the first KDE “browser game” (i.e., has a KPart which can be included in Konqueror), it has GetHotNewStuff integration, it comes with a plugin architecture for patterns, and I even thought about making a KIO slave for Palapeli puzzles (no joke!).

In 2009, I see more libraries coming into life: In February and March, we will see a one-man developer sprint spanning over several weeks to make Kolf 2 ready for 4.3. This release will hopefully include networking via GGZ (knock, knock, Josef) and a 3D view.

And while we’re on the “library” topic, what did Aaron mean when he talked about “a book publishing deal for KDE”? This is one of the things that makes me look forward into 2009 even more excitedly.


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