The week in Kolf: make it a game

January 3, 2009

After a few months where Kolf-NG was just a quite complex rendering engine for simple geometric objects, I thought that it is time to make it a game.

That is how my commit message reads. As usual, a picture says more than 1000 words^Wlines of code.

The new Kolf2 game engine.

The new Kolf2 game engine.

Comparing to the screenshot I took two weeks ago, the attentive observer discovers a couple of important features:

  • We can have multiple players at once. These are managed through the new game engine.
  • There is a hole (which means that the game has an objective).
  • Kolf has actual score management, and a cool new score card. (Yes, you can also put this dock on the bottom side of the window, and it will then behave exactly like in Kolf 1.)

Here is the disclaimer: The “New” button does nothing currently (only one course with a hardcoded name can be played with exactly two players exactly once). And this code is not coming to your desktop before 4.3 (unless you compile it manually). Also, you should not wonder why this new code has a localization: I’m just reusing the Kolf1 localization.


3 Responses to “The week in Kolf: make it a game”

  1. Burke Says:

    Though I don’t play Kolf I find your attempt to modernize that game interesting.

    But what really cathes my attention was your window decoration? What colors are that? I like that decent blue. Is there any Theme?


  2. majewsky Says:

    That is the Glacier theme, available from

  3. Eike Hein Says:

    Keep on rocking – and blogging! Kolf has always been my favorite of the KDE games, and I’m really happy it has a committed new developer ensuring we’re going to keep winning “Desktop with the best bundled Mini-golf game” well into the future :).

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