Quest for a timestamp

February 9, 2009

I just noticed that the current UNIX timestamp starts with 1234, and found out that UNIX timestamp 1234567890 will occur this Friday at 23:31 UTC. Something to celebrate?


9 Responses to “Quest for a timestamp”

  1. Definately! *brings out champagne* 😉

  2. cheko Says:

    Debian Lenny 🙂

  3. Randall R Schulz Says:

    Also of note: 3 hours, 46 minutes and 9 seconds before this momentous occasion, the Unix epoch time integer will be palindromic, an ever more momentous event!

  4. wonder Says:

    There’s also a webpage with countdown 🙂

  5. majewsky Says:

    wonder: Cool stuff.

  6. Sergei Beilin Says:

    Cool! 😉

    That’s will by Friday 13… Hmmm 8-]

  7. […] ich hab nicht von webvariants abgeschrieben sondern von Stories of a KDE programmer. Den Link hatte Tux am Montag in seinem Stream. […]

  8. LeSpocky Says:

    @3: Palindroms occur quite often, the next ones after 1234554321 are 1234664321, 1234774321, 1234884321 and so on. So you have to judge which of the many palindroms is worth celebrating. 1232112321 also looks nice. Or what about 1212112121? 1222112221? Ok, these ones are already passed, but there will be more cute looking palindroms, they are simply not as rare as a straight and I think therefore not such remarkable.

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