The week in Palapeli: A new texture selector

February 11, 2009

I do not know how many of you already discovered the texture selector in Palapeli. Essentially, it’s the puzzle table’s context menu, so a right click on the puzzle table will bring it up. Today, I picked some textures from the Propaganda collection, and quickly brought the old menu to its limits. It was displaying about a dozen filenames, which seem to have no relation to the actual texture. (Artists… *sigh*) By arranging some pushbuttons, I came up with a more pleasant version (see below). Opinions?


Update: A visitor of the local LUG meeting requested preview-on-hover, which is now available (revision 924901).


5 Responses to “The week in Palapeli: A new texture selector”

  1. onety-three Says:

    That looks great 🙂
    It’s a nice touch that the dialog is transparent, but I think the actual previews should be completely opaque to make them more clear.

  2. Pimpula Says:

    Wonder who started developing this game.. or why it has finnish name =P

  3. majewsky Says:

    onety-three: The transparency is produced by KWin (technically this popup is a context menu, and I have context menus set to 90% opacity).

    Pimpula: 98% of this game have been written by me. As I did not want an obvious name (KPuzzle, KJigsaw, etc.), I opened the English Wikipedia article on jigsaws and searched through the links to other languages for a nice-sounding translation.

  4. Antti Says:

    I think Palapeli is a great name, because it sounds nice, and it can be seen as a tribute to Linus Torvalds, as he is finnish. And also because I’m finnish so I feel this cultural pride every time Torvalds is mentioned 😛

  5. majewsky Says:

    Antti: Wow, I did not even think of this relation. The Finnish language just seems to sound very pleasant to me. Interestingly, the first KDE application I ever made (but which was not published as it was too crappy) was a clock called “Kellonaika” 😉

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