KDE at CeBIT (day 1)

March 3, 2009

The organisators finally got networking to work, so I can invite you from the KDE booth to visit us. We are at hall 6, booth F50.


Illumination is quite bad, and I’m a bit blurry, still this is our staff for Amarok and KDE booths: (from left to right) Oluf, Eckhart, Björn (crouching), Felix, me, Sven, Casper, and Claudia. I hope to get better images, but we’re busy now. See you!


3 Responses to “KDE at CeBIT (day 1)”

  1. Niko Says:

    Although i’m a convinced Gnome-user i’m looking forward to take a look at KDE 4 at the CeBIT 🙂

  2. Hi I will be at Cebit on friday and visit the KDE booth.

    See you on friday

    greets Kai

  3. […] were in Hall 6, booth F60, sitting next to Drupal and some LDAP Webthing. Also, the KDE guys were next to […]

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