Kolf: Building an editor

April 16, 2009

I’ve started to build the editor interface for Kolf 2. This is actually very nice for my current schedule, as this task can be divided into many chunks which one can complete in one to two hours of spare time. Building on what is already available in the codebase, I built a simple main editor class derives from Kolf::Game. Basically, it’s just a game without players that toggles editor overlays. Today, I added some logic to the classes that define the objects’ geometries, to let them generate outlines. These outlines can then be used to toggle the editing overlays on objects when the mouse is near, or if one clicks on an object. Currently, I do only render the outlines in debug colors. (As you see, today’s work was mostly plumbing in the internals.)

First parts of an editor interface

First parts of an editor interface

Obviously, much work has to be done until release quality is reached, but the first steps are always the hardest one (I hope at least).


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