Kolf: More editor interface (now with screenshots)

April 27, 2009

Last time I did not include any screenshots, but I know that only from screenshots derived a magical force called “buzz”, so here comes a screenshot of what I did this evening:


First, note that the rectangle (which is in fact a cuboid block) appears in green, and the line at the right (a simple wall) seems to glow in a similar color. These are new interactors which I added to the editor interface. When you hover an object, a translucent overlay appears (like on the wall here). And when you click on this shape, the overlay will become more opaque, can be dragged to move the object, and more handles appear to manipulate the object’s geometry.

Second, please also note that the rectangle is rotated a bit. I was astonished how less changes were required in the Kolf codebase to make this happen.

Another usability improvement (though not visible here) is that objects cannot be shrunk below a certain size anymore. This prevents you from making objects so small that you cannot click them anymore. The creation of objects with an arbitrary size will become possible later when a property editor will be added.

In other news, I have quite detailed plans on how to implement data persistency in Kolf. That may not mean anything to you, but it means that we could have undo/redo and save functions in the Kolf editor very soon (perhaps by the end of the week).


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