Kolf: Creating a terrain texture, and the 4.3 release

July 3, 2009

A long time, I haven’t written about Kolf. I’m not having any time for coding lately, but Zeng Huan, our GSoC student, has made progress on the automatic generation of terrain textures. The code for that is not in Kolf at the moment, we have decided on him working on it in a separate test bed, the kolf-textureblender:


In other news (which might be more interesting for most readers at the moment), Kolf in KDE 4.3 is broken. The first hole of every course loads fine, but on the following holes, only one object will be displayed (which is definitely too less). Mauricio Piacentini looked into the code, but didn’t find anything. He meant it looks like Kolf is trying to re-use objects from previous holes, but some changes in Qt 4.5 seem to interfere with this technique very badly. If no one finds the bug quickly (which will likely not happen, as the code of Kolf 1 is a total mess), it is quite realistic that we will have to remove Kolf from KDE 4.3.

If this bothers you and you want to help Kolf return in KDE 4.4 as Kolf 2, please join our team! Write to the kde-games-devel mailing list for more information.


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