Kolf: Much progress, no screenshots

July 24, 2009

Yesterday, I had my last exam. Today, I broke Kolf. During this interesting experience, I managed to establish a new record: Revision 1001908 changed 66 source files (which is about the half of Kolf). I tried to break it into multiple commits, but it did not work out: I have refactored one of the central classes to not be a singleton anymore, thereby also shifting the semantical meaning of some related classes.

The result was like an earthquake: Although it happened at a quite distinct point in the code, it caused structures to fall apart everywhere. Now nearly everything is working, only the course boundary does not load properly. (I know what the problem is, but I’m too tired for the solution right now.)

The sad thing about structural changes is that the benefit is a priori only visible to the developers. I hope that the clear structure I’m building for Kolf 2 will help other developers understand it when I’m not available for maintenance anymore. Apart from that, some of the changes I’m making now allow for more interesting features to be added.

In other news, Kolf’s GSoC student Zeng Huan is working on the first bits of a heightmap editor right now. Again, it’s too early to show screenshots, but expect screenshots and more information to appear here over the next weeks.


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