Say hello to Utils::SelectionDialog

September 22, 2009

Preface: In my new series “Say hello to…”, I regularly present you additions to my Git-based collection of useful helper classes and smaller projects (see its very simple homepage for more information).

Today, I needed a dialog for Kolf that shows a list view to the user, and lets him select some items from that (plus the “OK/Cancel” buttons which you’re used to from modal dialogs). I had to create a new class, complete with own header and source file, because I needed to declare a new KDialog subclass with a slot.

Incidentally, I’ve already created such dialogs for Palapeli. And much of them. So this is a task that should clearly be simplified. This is how the SelectionDialog class came into life. See the APIDOX in its header for details on how to use it.


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