Kolf, Palapeli: Total change of course

September 25, 2009

What’s a clear sign of craziness? Scheduling a project to be finished in two weeks, and then completely rewriting it.

Long story short Short story long: I’ve noticed that I’ve (effectively) only seven to eight days left until university courses start again. This is not enough time to get Kolf 2 into a state that allows us to release it. The editor is (from a user’s perspective) nearly useless (though many important foundations have been laid), the terrain has weird collision bugs (I hoped that these problems stop with usage of an external physics engine *sigh*), we’re lacking good textures and of course courses (pun intended).

So, we’ve (more or less) decided to not release Kolf 2.0 with KDE 4.4. I’m not sure about when Kolf 2.0 will first appear. We might do some preview releases before the KDE 4.5 alpha/beta cycle starts, but that has not been decided yet.

Instead, I’m doing something that could be achieved in seven to eight days of intense work. Some months ago, I wrote libpala, a new library as a foundation for Palapeli (my jigsaw puzzle game). Unfortunately, libpala is so different from the old libpalapelibase that I effectively have to rewrite the whole game. Still, this task is much easier than getting Kolf 2 ready, and I’m confident to get everything finished in time to get Palapeli included in KDE 4.4.


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