Palapeli: Two days of work

September 26, 2009

Just a quick update: I’m progressing quite well with rewriting Palapeli. After two days, there are 863 LOC (measured with sloccount), which includes the slicing library, the puzzle file generator, and the main application. The latter is currently capable of loading arbitrary puzzles into a quite functional puzzle table, though there is no interface to select puzzles yet (“citrus-fruits.pala” is hardcoded). The next tasks are some comfort stuff in the view and saving progress.

State of the new Palapeli after two days

State of the new Palapeli after two days


5 Responses to “Palapeli: Two days of work”

  1. Caig Says:

    I am happy to view something new about this app, I thought it was ~ abandoned.

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Of course it is not abandoned. There is someone in my LUG who is quite excited about this game, and pokes me constantly to finish it, so how should I forget about it? 😉

      The reason for the seldom updates on Palapeli is that I’ve concentrated on Kolf in the last months. Palapeli has only seen changes under the hood (i.e., the new slicing library).

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  3. gumb Says:

    Will be great to see this game developed further. My dad is a jigsaw fanatic and it will keep him busy. Hope it makes it into the standard KDE games selection and therefore the openSUSE repos, because I could never find it in the past. (Tarballs and suchlike are not my speciality).

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