Palapeli: Four days of work

September 28, 2009

Welcome to another part in my series of progress reports on rewriting Palapeli (see here and here for the previous parts).

Since yesterday, the code has increased from 1367 to 1822 LOC (a quite steady growth). Palapeli now has again a nice interface for its puzzle library (level names are not hardcoded anymore). Also, the progress on the puzzle table is now saved automagically again. (One note: If you want to try Palapeli from trunk, note that there is a delay of about half a second when loading a puzzle for the first time. This is no bug.)

State of the new Palapeli after four days

State of the new Palapeli after four days

Of course, this GIMP-like interface is in no way final. Everything will be combined into one single window in a clever way, as you’ll probably see tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Palapeli: Four days of work”

  1. Radu Benea Says:

    could you please at least link the picture to a full-sized one?

  2. Stefan Majewsky Says:

    Strange… I thought that WordPress inserts those links into thumbnails automatically. Fixed for all three posts from this series. I hope that the planet picks it up correctly.

  3. Deniz Says:

    with 2.8 gimp also becoming Single-Window layout application.
    you can check from here :

  4. Wow this is really amazing. I love this work. Thanks a lot.

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