Palapeli: Seamless zooming

October 3, 2009

Yet again, a commenter on my blog gave me a hint for a nice extra feature. Palapeli now has a new zoom widget, which allows to seamlessly adjust the zoom level.

Seamless zooming in Palapeli

Seamless zooming in Palapeli


4 Responses to “Palapeli: Seamless zooming”

  1. franta Says:

    erm… wha tis palapeli? it is a good practice to give a small inroduction (link is great) for people who just read the planet 😉

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      You got me: This is the first of seven articles in a row in which the obligatory screenshot does not make it totally obvious that Palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle game. I did not think it was necessary to explain yet again what Palapeli is, because the planet shows three of my blog articles on Palapeli on its main page at the moment.

      • franta Says:

        yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bitch, it was just a friendly reminder. Off course then i scrolled down on the planet and I remembered what palapeli is 🙂 And actually im looking forward to it, will show it to my GF she will surely like it. I must say you are a talented young man 😉

  2. Christoph Says:

    If I increase the window size, the zoom also changes. (and increases the minimum zoom). If I make the window smaller again, the minimum zoom is still increased, resulting in large puzzle pieces and scroll bars.

    Also, if I maximize the window, I can’t put puzzle pieces everywhere, there seem to be invisible borders where I can’t drag them further.

    I’d suggest decreasing the minimum zoom level so that you can zoom out a bit more.

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