Debugging models is hard work

October 10, 2009

It’s fifteen minutes till midnight and I’m sitting here and analysing pages of boring debug output. What a life. (At least I chose it freely.)


Some of you might read from this that I’m working on model/view stuff currently. I hope to have visible results tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Debugging models is hard work”

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  2. Michał Małek Says:

    Yes, debugging models is not an easy work. Do you know about ModelTest ( )?
    I find it very useful to catch all inconsistencies in my models.

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Thx for the tip. Modeltest does not give me any errors for my model (at least in the testing bed I’m using, which only tests a few common functions). I doubt it would have helped though, because the most complicated thing to get right in this particular case was the construction of correct model indexes. While ModelTest points out when something goes wrong, of course it cannot help me debug my particular problems.

  3. Diederik van der Boor Says:

    Off topic:

    smajewsky@magrathea $

    Nice hostname 😀

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Thanks. Actually, there is a story behind it. The hostname of my laptop used to be “einhandtuch” (German for “a towel”), because it’s always a good idea to have “a towel” available. I figured that this scheme of pun-based hostnames does not scale to multiple laptops, and searched for a big geeky name pool to choose names from. I settled on Hitchhiker planets. My laptop became “magrathea”, because I’m coding on this laptop, i.e. creating big new worlds. My other computer is “maximegalon” because it has a Windows installation (dual-boot setup for Windows games), and Maximegalon in the books has a “Museum of Diseased Imaginings”.

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