Palapeli: Screencast!

October 30, 2009

In the last two weeks, I’ve added quite some features to Palapeli which are hard to impossible to show with screenshots, so I’ve decided to make a screencast for the very first time. recordmydesktop worked quite well, and I found a microphone in one of my junk boxes.

Hm, it seems like does not like embedded flash objects, so you’ll have to use the link to the 1st Palapeli screencast.


4 Responses to “Palapeli: Screencast!”

  1. Fatih Says:

    Hi, can you please tell me where I can find the wallpaper you’re using? Thanks : )

    And great work btw.

  2. Harsh Says:

    Great screencast, I enjoyed it thoroughly and immediately got down to checking out the work!

    A minor tip about the preview issue, if you haven’t figured them out yet – have you ensured that the palapeli file type is ‘checked’ On in Dolphin’s settings > General > Preview tab? ‘Cause else though the Info bar would show the previews, dolphin will simply ignore them.

    Additionally, if you like it, use the DrawFrame flag in the thumbnailer, gives a nice look to it 🙂

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