Qt 4.6 notice

November 2, 2009

Just a quick notice for anyone out there who builds Palapeli from SVN: It does now officially require Qt 4.6. I’m in the process of cleaning up the animation code, and esp. the new QGraphicsObject class in Qt 4.6 helps me very much in this regard.

Update: I’ve also updated the Palapeli compilation guide. If you’ve used this guide to build a Palapeli from SVN, please do the following in the “build” directory:

sudo make uninstall

Then delete everything and use the guide to create a new checkout. Stuff has changed too much. Please note that the new guide makes you install Palapeli into the standard system directories. This should work around the problems people are having with slicers not found etc.

2nd update: By the way, I’ve also changed the puzzle file format. Instead of BZip2 compression, I’m now using GZip because this reduces loading time on my system by about one second for a medium-sized puzzle. (File size is about the same.) If you’re having problems with puzzles that don’t load (sorry for the missing messagebox that tells you when a puzzle file is broken), rerun the make-puzzles script and “sudo make install” everything again. This should fix your problems.


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