Broken stuff in Palapeli today

November 9, 2009

This is an important message to people using SVN to checkout the latest Palapeli. (All others can just skip this article.)

Before you do the next “svn update”, go to your checkout directory, delete the “*.puzzle” files in the puzzles/ subdirectory (i.e., the five ones created by You do not have to call anymore, the puzzles are now on the SVN server again.

Second, I have changed the configuration format for a last time. You know, when we say “playground”, we mean it. (Also, it’s easier to change it now when I don’t have to write complicated update scripts to keep compatibility.) So what does that mean to you?

  • Before installing the updated Palapeli version, you should do a “sudo make uninstall” to avoid orphaned data files in your system directories.
  • If you want to keep your savegames or own puzzles, do the following:
 cd $(kde4-config --localprefix)
 mv share/config/palapeli-{libraryrc,collectionrc}
 mv share/apps/palapeli/{puzzlelibrary,collection}
 sed -i 's/puzzlelibrary/collection/g' share/config/palapeli-collectionrc

Update: Thx to Matthew for reminding me of the fourth command which I forgot in the first run.


2 Responses to “Broken stuff in Palapeli today”

  1. Matthew Says:

    You forgot a step:
    sed -i ‘s/puzzlelibrary/collection/g’ share/config/palapeli-collectionrc

  2. Stephen Whistance-Smith Says:

    I love the game, but it needs a zoom and scroll feature for larger piece counts. I like doing puzzles of 500 to 2000 pieces, but at that count level they are almost too small to see in the current version.

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