Please help with testing! It’s easy!

November 24, 2009

If you’re running a current KDE SC 4.4 snapshot (all packages and self-compiled variants are okay), please compile/install KDiamond from kdegames. Start KDiamond, pause the game after some seconds, and unpause it after some seconds.

Please write back (either as a comment to this blog entry, or as a mail to me) what you observe: Normally, pausing should hide all diamonds and display a popup in the top left corner of the board, and after unpausing, you can continue to play the game as usual. But on some systems, the popup will get stuck in the middle of the appearing animation, stay there after unpausing, and the game will not be playable even after the unpausing.

Please also write back if everything works fine on your system, and in any case, include the following information in your report:
1. Which distribution do you run? Which version?
2. If you compiled your Qt and KDE from sources, which branch of Qt did you use, and when did you update KDE the last time?
3. If you installed your Qt and KDE from packages, which repositories did you use?

Update: Thanks to anyone who sent information. I’ve found the root cause of the issue: KStatefulBrush. Silly as it sounds, but usage of KStatefulBrush results in an infinite loop. I’m still puzzled why this problem appeared only for me. The problem is actually a bug in Qt.


14 Responses to “Please help with testing! It’s easy!”

  1. Tom Says:

    It’s KDE Software Compilation 4.4 😛

  2. manwe Says:

    It works perfectly fine on my system. The tooltip hides automatically after 2-3s. I’m running on Debian with a mix of testing/unstable/experimental packages and some self-compiled stuff, but none that matters.
    The QT used is from the gitorious repository (branch 4.6-stable-patched) and KDE was built from sources today.
    kde4-config –version
    Qt: 4.6.0
    KDE: 4.3.77 (KDE 4.3.77 (KDE 4.4 >= 20091123))
    kde4-config: 1.0

  3. mtz Says:

    i am getting the correct behavior as your described it

    using pclinuxos ..this is a rolling release so versions arent that important

    using Qt version 4.6.0 beta1 i believe compiled from source from their download site

    updated kdelibs and kdebase from svn within the last four days

    updated kdegames from svn within the last four days

    i am running kwin with composite engine on

  4. Paul-Fillip Says:

    What’s KDE SC?

  5. Christoph Says:

    Erm, what’s the “description” of KDiamond? Even while I have set my start menu to “Names only”, all games show as “Description only” (???), and I don’t feel like starting all of them just to find out which is KDiamond…

  6. ABCD Says:

    I just tried, and it worked just fine for me.

    Distro: Gentoo
    Qt Version: v4.6.0-rc1-36-gcd8595e (from kde-qt.git, master branch)
    KDE Version: r1050730 (4.3.75+)
    Built using the kde-testing overlay in Gentoo

  7. David Mills Says:

    OK, I’ve got a kdesvn-build compiled trunk (updated yesterday aka tuesday the 24th november) using qt-copy from gitorious and everything is A OK.

    Other info:
    -Archlinux more or less up to date (pacman -Syud a week ago)
    -Vostro 1310 laptop
    -Nvidia 8400M GS on board graphics using the binary blob.


  8. guest Says:

    works fine here with recent kde trunk and qt-kde 4.6-stable branch

  9. Johannes Obermayr Says:

    openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.86, Qt 4.6_20091229

    No problems on laptop (i586) and main computer (x64).

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