Windows 7, round 2

January 16, 2010

Good news, everyone! I was forced to use Windows 7 all day. I had reported earlier about my first day on Windows 7. Then came nothing for a long time. Today, the system was running on a LAN party, so not much of the underlying system could be seen most of the time.

But of course, one has to configure network and install stuff on such events. And actually, after a long time, Windows 7 is the first Windows version that does not force me to run off screaming after a few minutes. For example, I found the dialog for the configuration of static IP addresses after only three minutes of searching. And in fact, I’m currently typing this blog entry from inside Firefox inside Windows. (KDEWin is currently updating to 4.3.90.) This may partly also be attributed to me being too lazy to stand up and get my Linux notebook out of my bag.

I even start to get accustomed to the Aero style, which I deeply hated for a very long time. (And I still insist that intense drop shadows of translucent windows are plain stupid. No discussion here.) If only they stopped copying KDE features all over the place…

There are some annoying problems left, though: For example, my function keys are not working. Or is there another reason for why Ctrl+F2 won’t do anything? Ctrl+Alt+F1 also seems to be broken. 😉

While I was typing, the aforementioned KDE update has finished, and I now have proof that Palapeli works great under Windows. Kudos to all the people who made that possible (both at Troll^WNokia and on the kde-windows team)!

Result of today: Competition is good for business. And, after a long time, there is again some noteworthy competition coming from Redmond.* Now this would normally make me go back to hacking on KDE again, but I’m already in my pyjamas.

P.S. I hope everyone enjoyed the Futurama quotes.

* This statement absolutely and only refers to the visuals of the Windows 7 and the KDE 4 desktop. I’m not going to make any uninformed judgement on Windows 7 internals.


3 Responses to “Windows 7, round 2”

  1. The User Says:

    Normal Nerds do not stop hacking ust because they are in pyjamas. 😉

  2. Things interesting in the windows network center :
    – VPN support is integrated
    – basic progiles support
    – ability to defined a static route or default route, even in DHCP mode ( can be useful to bypass a filtering gateway )

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