Box2D packages for everyone!

February 27, 2010

I have worked on Box2D’s build system today. My 14KB patch is now waiting to be merged upstream, and in the meantime, I’ve created packages of my patched Box2D version. Here are the repositories: (The package you’ll need is called “libBox2D2_1_0-devel”.)

All this is brought to you by the openSUSE Build Service. My thanks go to the friendly folks at the #opensuse-buildservice IRC channel for their help to get the specfiles right.

If you have another distribution and want Box2D packages, please let me know: The Build Service offers some more target distributions. I did not add all dists at once to reduce the server load.

The fine print: It seems like the i586 build servers are either down or very busy at the moment, so there are only 64-bit packages by now. Update: i586 packages are available now.

The other fine print: I have tried to build packages for Debian/Ubuntu, but the build servers are giving me weird errors, and I am giving up now.


4 Responses to “Box2D packages for everyone!”

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  3. Kevin Kofler Says:

    Of course your “Fedora” packages are not anywhere near compliant with Fedora’s packaging guidelines…

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      At least, they will most likely install properly on Fedora systems, and they willl most likely work for most users. I’m not aiming to get these packages into any official release, I’m just making it easier for people who want to follow the bleeding edge.

      Of course, I’m eager to merge any patches into my specs that increase standard compliance.

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