Palapeli: Visual changelog for today

March 29, 2010

Nothing happened in Palapeli land since the 1.0 release together with KDE SC 4.4. The wishlist was slowly growing, but today I’ve started to implement some smaller items on the todolist. The big ones (GHNS integration, puzzle piles and rotateable pieces) are still left, but now I present you the first new features that will appear in Palapeli 1.1 (KDE SC 4.5):

This screenshot shows two closed wishlist items: Instead of a background texture, one can now also select a solid color. Also, the puzzle name is displayed in the window title. (The code is a one-liner, which I unfortunately forgot to add before the 4.4 feature freeze.)

It is now possible to select multiple pieces at once, either by holding Ctrl and clicking on the pieces, or by dragging a rubberband around the pieces. All pieces will then be moved at once when you drag one of them. The selection state is indicated by a colored shadow (according to the color scheme), which might be hard to recognize in this screenshot because the rubberband has nearly the same color.


25 Responses to “Palapeli: Visual changelog for today”

  1. mangus Says:

    I have to say…I love it! great job thanks

  2. Caig Says:

    Good. I see the coloured shadows clearly 🙂
    Is there space in your interesting todolist for loading background textures from user chosen file?

  3. Victor Says:

    When the rough edges of the pieces will become smooth?

  4. Andreas Says:

    Wow, you’ve just made my day perfect. Being able to move multiple pieces at once was always the missing bit when I did larger puzzles. With such puzzle’s the page is soo large that at some point you have to move around a lot to look at the pieces in a high-enough-resolution. So I always had to invest time into moving every single piece across the table to get them closer to gether.

  5. TheBlackCat Says:

    The solid color backgrounds are good, but being able to select multiple files is a huge improvement for me.

    Question: does dragging a piece to the edge of the board scroll the board yet, or is it at least planned for later?

  6. JavierBere Says:

    Looks great, just a little piece of advice, in the snapping precision, it’s hard to see which way it increases/decreases. It’d be nice to have a legend, or at least a – and a + on the respective ends. It could also be a label that updates value based on the slider’s position

    • marco Says:

      uhm should the user really be able to configure the snapping precision at all? can’t a good default be found for that?

      • Deri Says:

        Please retain variable snapping precision. The reason I can’t do “normal” jigsaws is because my hand shakes too much (cerebral palsy) to join the pieces, but Palapeli is great with snapping precision turned right down.

        Also, if you implement rotated pieces, please implement “auto orientation” when the piece is within snapping distance, so that Palapeli can still be used by just a single mouse button and dragging, as it can now.

  7. AlejandroW Says:

    I just got around to testing Palapeli for the first time, on Windows, and it works great. There’s just the issue of the file selection dialog for creating a new puzzle which doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll see if I have time, if I can fix that. Keep it up, Palapeli is awesome =)

  8. Victor Says:

    Is it planned to make edges of pieces smooth not rough?

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      I won’t have time for this, but if you are familiar with C++, you can write your own slicing plugin if you want. The code for the jigsaw slicer is in SVN, and Techbase has a tutorial on writing slicing plugins.

      • aurelix Says:

        A question about the slicer API, in which manner are the SlicerProperties sorted on the dialog? No matter in which order I add them, they always appear in the same order.

        • Stefan Majewsky Says:

          I’m storing them in a QMap, so they are probably sorted by the key which you specify as first parameter to Pala::Slicer::addProperty. So you can probably use keys like “001-Foo”, “002-Bar” to implement your sort order.

  9. Kevin Kofler Says:

    > The code is a one-liner, which I unfortunately forgot to add before the 4.4 feature freeze.

    So what? It’s a one-liner which doesn’t break anything, and I’d call it a bugfix, not a feature. Just backport it.

  10. Alexander Says:

    Thank you for this game!
    Where can i download “puzzles levels”?
    I have only five puzzles?Where can i find more?
    I want puzzle with 100 and more pieces

  11. […] 5, 2010 Last week, when I added rubberband selection to Palapeli, I sacrificed the “Clicking with left mouse button moves viewport” option […]

    • Deri Says:

      I always use left mouse movement to move the board. Please can I suggest Ctrl-leftclick starts rubberbanding if not over a piece. (as ctrl-leftclick selects the piece into the group if over a piece).

      • Stefan Majewsky Says:

        Starting from Palapeli 1.1 (KDE SC 4.5), you can do that on the “Mouse interaction” page of the Palapeli configuration dialog. What you want is to assign the trigger “Ctrl+Left-Button” to the interaction “Select multiple pieces at once”. “Left-Button” is still the default because it allows users to easily discover this feature.

        Alternatively, you can also assign something like “Ctrl+No-Button” to the “Move viewport by dragging” interaction. By doing so, holding the Ctrl key instead of the left button will move the viewport. (Any modifier key can be used. To input a “No-Button” into the configuration widget, press the space key when it asks for a mouse button.)

  12. shirishag75 Says:

    Dear Stefan,
    Just today I discovered palapeli. It looks great but there are couple of things I don’t know about it or isn’t apparent in the settings or possibly aren’t there or maybe might be in the new release. I would tell/share with you and please guide all the same. It just isn’t apparent.

    I have version 1.1 installed on Ubuntu Lucid.

    a, While the mousewheel works and the image sizes can be made large and small, I’m unable to find the full image. In most of jigsaw puzzle games one usually is able to see both the jigsaw and the picture of which the jigsaw you are trying to do.

    b. Of the 5 pictures given, is there any way to make it into more number of pieces. I’m sure this is one of the more requested features, but is there a way to do it. I did read about the new splicer. I’m going to try to do that as well.

    c. Most of the files in the gnome landscape have a .something as a configuration file. I don’t see a .palapeli anywhere.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  13. Stefan Majewsky Says:

    a. is on the todolist, though I’m very busy with other things at the moment.
    b. You can find the plain images either on (URL is IIRC), or take any of the puzzle files, rename “.puzzle” to “.tar.gz”, and extract “image.jpg”.
    c. KDE apps store their settings in $KDEDIR, usually ~/.kde. Look for the share/config subdir.

  14. shirishag75 Says:

    thank you for replying so quickly. I tried the new splicer and it is simply great. The only thing missing on that splicer is a preview of a puzzle piece so whoever is making a puzzle for somebody else (in my case a son for mother) its hard to know if the puzzle shape would be simple, interesting or too complicated for her. Having a preview of a puzzle piece depending on the changes you make to the filters would make it sorta complete.

    Another possibility which just occured to me how about having a plugin architecture to this. So for e.g. if within the palapeli with the help of an extension and be able to download images say from or something like that. That would also make more people *perhaps* contributing to section.

    Lemme know what you think of the idea/s .

  15. shirishag75 Says:

    If such an extension existed, it would be good to also take all the metadata to be downloaded and cataloged/shared for future use.

    I don’t know it would be cool if such an extension existed or something. It would save all that manual typing ,

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