Do the stuff you want the way you want

April 24, 2010

Anyone remembers the configuration option “Left mouse button moves viewport” from Palapeli 1.0? It has been removed earlier this month, just to return on steroids in Palapeli 1.1 (which will ship with KDE SC 4.5):

I already spoiled this big change earlier this month: Any mouse interaction with the puzzle table can now be configured to arbitrary mouse buttons and keyboard modifiers. Just click on the button with the mouse icon, hold the right modifiers, and press the right button. And here is your favorite hidden feature: If you press the space key instead of a mouse button, the interaction is assigned to “No-Button”.

For example, the “Select pieces by clicking” interaction is assigned to “Ctrl+Left-Button”. That is, if you hold the Ctrl key and left-click on a piece, it will be selected. (Multiple pieces can be selected at once this way.) If you change the trigger to “Ctrl+No-Button”, the selection will be toggled with the Ctrl key only.

To test the strengths of this new framework, I’ve implemented some new interactors: The “mouse button” page in the first image shows an interactor which allows to toggle the lock state of the puzzle table area. (When I’m not taking screenshots of the default config, I have this configured to “Alt+No-Button” here.) The “mouse wheel” page in the second image shows wheel interactors to move the viewport.


10 Responses to “Do the stuff you want the way you want”

  1. rockama Says:

    Sorry, but someone finally has to say this:
    Nobody cares about a puzzle game. It looks all nice and well coded, but it would be nice to see your skills invested in an area that more people are interested.

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Okay. If you pay me. 😉

      Joking aside, I do not have very much time, and want to achieve as much as possible in this short time. Developing a whole application gives me the opportunity to work with all parts of the big KDE development platform, and it’s fun.

      Besides, the people around me are very interested in Palapeli, and that is the biggest motivation for me.

    • pheder Says:

      Nobody cares? I do! What I see is a good-quality game with nothing to complain about and a nice, rare concept. I like it!

    • zayed Says:

      My wife cares ! She likes Palapeli a lot. Thanks Stefan Majewsky. Keep it up.

  2. David Says:

    The Gui looks great. Any chance of this being merged with Plasma’s mouse actions, going to kdelibs and giving more interaction power to KDE applications?

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Although I tried to keep the code general (esp. those parts which I adapted from plasmagenericshell), I do not know if the concepts used in Palapeli are too special to be useful on the kdelibs level.

  3. Tom McLernon Says:


    KDE is such a large project and I know that everyone sort of takes a little piece and develops and polishes it up and integrates it with the whole. And of course there is the “look and feel” and “just works” user experience, (these are big in terms of user acceptance) for example what is the change in experience/feeling that I get when I move between W7 and KDE. Currently this is getting more positive all the time.

    I know that this is probably someone else’s area but the KWallet could use some work. It detracts from the positive image of the rest of the system, and even interferes with system function, such as setting up wireless connection etc., and does not really improve the user experience. (The question needs to be asked: What is its intended function? And does it create more problems than it solves?) Either it needs to be removed or integrated to a degree that it is not user “noticeable” any more. Can you please pass this comment on to whoever might work this issue.

    Tom McLernon

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Looking at the SVN logs, I cannot see any notable activity in KWallet in the last months, so I do not know from the top of my head who is responsible for KWallet at the moment.

      For me, KWallet is working quite fine after a short setup period, and I can’t imagine living without it. It could always do better, esp. with regard to integration with non-KDE applications, but I do not want it removed.

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