Looking for developers using libpala

May 24, 2010

Last night, I completed an extensive update of the Palapeli manual, so the 1.1 release is technically done now. Of course, the KDE SC 4.5 beta phase is still ahead, but one does not need to fear the beta phase if one manages to write good code, and I’m confident I did so this time. 🙂

So on to Palapeli 1.2: While 1.1 focused on improving the puzzling experience, 1.2 will also include changes to other parts of Palapeli. Most prominently, I will work with Johannes Loehnert, who has just recieved has KDE SVN account, on importing his Goldberg slicer as the new default slicer plugin.

As a part of this process, I will be adding some new API to libpala, the library that slicer plugins use to communicate with Palapeli. And this finally brings me to why I am writing this post at all: If you develop slicer plugins or use libpala in some other manner and want to review this new API before it goes live, please send me a mail or drop a comment here. I’m very interested in your feedback.


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