Junior Job: KGameRenderer porting

August 6, 2010

All over KDE, you will regularly find “junior jobs”. These are small tasks for those who want to get their hands dirty and contribute to KDE without a long induction period.

Today, I have an offer for a junior job for those who have at least intermediate C++ knowledge. I am looking for people who help me with porting KDE’s games to the new KGameRenderer classes. This basically involves deleting the old rendering code, instantiating a KGameRenderer object, and replacing some QGraphicsItems by KGameRenderedItems. I would do it myself if only there weren’t so much games.

The fun side about game development is that you always have an excuse for playing: “I’m not playing, I’m testing!”

Got you interested? Come to our mailinglist, or just drop a comment on this post, and I/we will help you to get your development environment set up.


7 Responses to “Junior Job: KGameRenderer porting”

  1. Blackpaw Says:

    What KDE SDK would it require? can it be done using KDE 4.4.5?

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Unfortunately not. KGameRenderer builds upon KSharedDataCache, which is only available in kdelibs >= 4.5. The KGameRenderer classes themselves are only in trunk (i.e. what becomes 4.6 next year) at the moment, though the kdegames module is quite easy to build.

      • Blackpaw Says:

        So really, it would be best to build from trunk I guess 😦

        Back to my kdesrc-build setup I guess. Always takes me the best part of a day to get it backup to scratch.

      • Blackpaw Says:

        Ok, I have my KDE trunk build environment running again 🙂 I’ll take this to the mailing list now.

  2. Blackpaw Says:

    A comment for notifications

  3. Purple-Bobby Says:

    I go back to Uni at end of September, but I am free until then.

  4. Hi

    I would be interested in helping out. You should have my mail address from this comment otherwise I can usually be found in #kde of an evening.


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