Tip of the day: Auto-generate forward includes

September 4, 2010

It’s common nowadays that libraries install forward includes (also known as “pretty headers”) which have the same name as the class declared in it. For example, to get the QPushButton, one includes <QPushButton> or <QtGui/QPushButton> instead of <qpushbutton.h>.

For a newer project of mine, I wrote a script that generates these forward includes automatically, and I thought that it might be worth sharing. The script is quite simple because the structure of the source tree is in my case identical to what gets installed below /usr/include. If you install your headers in a more complicated way, you will probably need to expand the script.

# This script finds all headers (except for private headers) in the known
# library source trees, looks for exported classes inside there, and generates
# forward includes for all these classes.

# configuration
EXPORT_MACRO=TAGARO_EXPORT # the macro which denotes exported classes
HEADER_DIR=tagaro # the directory which contains the headers of your lib
INCLUDE_DIR=includes/Tagaro # the directory which shall be filled with the pretty headers
INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR='${INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR}/Tagaro' # the directory into which CMake shall install the pretty headers
MANUAL_HEADERS='Settings' # specify manually created headers in this list (separated by spaces)

if [ ! -f $(basename $0) ]; then
    echo "Call this script only from the directory which contains it." >&2
    exit 1

    echo "#NOTE: Use the $0 script to update this file."
    echo 'install(FILES'
        find $HEADER_DIR/ -name \*.h -a \! -name \*_p.h | while read HEADERFILE; do
            grep "class $EXPORT_MACRO" $HEADERFILE | sed "s/^.*$EXPORT_MACRO \\([^ ]*\\).*$/\\1/" | while read CLASSNAME; do
                echo '#include ' > $INCLUDE_DIR/$CLASSNAME
                echo -en "\t"; echo "$CLASSNAME"
            if [ -n $MANUAL_HEADER ]; then
                echo -en "\t"; echo $MANUAL_HEADER
    ) | sort
) > $INCLUDE_DIR/CMakeLists.txt


4 Responses to “Tip of the day: Auto-generate forward includes”

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  2. suy Says:

    “one includes or instead of .”

    Preview is you friend. 😉

  3. Dakon Says:

    echo -en “\t”; echo $MANUAL_HEADER

    -> echo -e “\t${MANUAL_HEADER}”

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