Kolf update

November 11, 2010

I’ve just dcommitted another huge patch (+2730/-3371 in 22 commits) as part of my Kolf refactoring. We now know how Kolf will look like in the KDE Applications 4.6 release: Its balls won’t tunnel through walls. Its editor will work again. The GUI will still be ugly, but that’ s on the list for 4.7.

There are some kinks to iron out, though: My refactoring has completely broken Z ordering and strutting, so a ball can be reflected from a wall underneath a bridge, floaters will not raise balls, and so on. Also, the editor behaves a bit quirky now because it’s basically two editors in coexistence (just like there were two physics engines in coexistence for some short period in time). Since tomorrow evening is feature freeze, I will be hacking like crazy next evening, but now I need some sleep.


One Response to “Kolf update”

  1. uniq Says:

    Great, thanks for you effort. I hate current Kolf for its bugs but I love its future and your work.

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