KTouch and Neo

January 27, 2011

I have decided to try a non-standard ergonomic keyboard layout, namely Neo. They recommend KTouch for training, and it works quite well. I will write more once I’m a bit more comfortable with it. Writing just these few lines took me twelve minutes…


7 Responses to “KTouch and Neo”

  1. Jonathan Kolberg Says:

    He cool I’m using neo, too. (and I’m an KDE Dev) 🙂

  2. Robert Says:

    Don’t give up. I started learning neo a half year ago. It feels very comfortable and I don’t want to miss all these cool control and special keys. So handy. ☺

  3. The User Says:

    Neo is great, I’m using it since last July, and I’m as fast as with QWERTZ (≲80 words per minute). And a lot of Unicode characters!!! ☺☺☺

  4. Andreas Says:

    I learned touch-typing and Neo at the same time which worked well because cheating by looking at the keys wasn’t possible.
    I can type much faster than before now, obviously, due to the touch typing. The layout seems very well thought out and my typing speed is quite good (no numbers, but it seems so on IRC ;).

  5. I’m thinking of maybe hacking up a Slovenian (or even Slovenian-English) Neo variant.

    Sounds pretty cool, especially since I already tried Dvorak before. Too bad there’s no ThinkPad keyboards printed for it :\

  6. The User Says:

    They provide an optimizer generating optimized keyboard layouts – candidates for Neo 3 – using evolutionary programming, but with Slovenian texts as statistical reference it should be able to compute a Slovenian layout, too. You could change parts of layer 1, 2, 5 and 6 (latin and greek characters) for your Slovenian needs, and keep the other layers/keys.

  7. @The User:
    Thanks, I’m already on it 😉

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