Neo and ten-finger typing, day 2

January 28, 2011

So I’m one day into learning both the Neo keyboard layout as well as ten-finger typing. I’m already pretty confident in the alphabet characters’ positions, although I regularly confuse A and I for each other with no apparent reason. Typing speed is still awfully slow, but it starts to improve. Next are the common symbols on layer 3, I need to write some C++ code.


8 Responses to “Neo and ten-finger typing, day 2”

  1. Jonathan Kolberg Says:

    Layer 3 is awsome and I really enjoy neo. Learning with KTouch is an good way to learn it, but I recommend not only using KTouch. Instead you should put a put-up hinge on your desk and write with help of it.

    Regards Jonathan

  2. BajKe Says:

    Neo rocks. 🙂
    I am using it for like 3 years and it is so comfortable, you don‘t need to move your fingers so far away. You will get used to it although I sometimes find characters for programming difficult to use/find compared to the German or English QWERTZ/Y

  3. Harsh Says:

    How does Neo feel compared to Colemak?

    • The User Says:

      Well, Neo is optimized for German texts, so you can’t really compare it/there are probably very few people using both.

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  5. Patrick H. Says:

    NEO’s great! Been writing on it for about 15 months now and have never regretted making the switch. I’ve not become measurably faster, but still it feels much more comfortable than writing on QWERTZj

  6. kranthi Says:

    have you tried dvorak? how is it compared to neo?

  7. dacresni Says:

    Could u put up a tutorial on using KGameRenderer? I haven’t done a lot of looking but I can’t find any references to it other than you blog. You may have noticed that KDE (outside of QT) documentation is in a state of disarray.

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