KDE Games Sprint, day 0

March 24, 2011

The KDE Games Sprint (aka “The Blue Wonder Meeting”) is about to start. The zeroth day is for early arrivers, which gives me the opportunity to continue my code refactoring in Palapeli and possibly put Android+Necessitas on my N810. If you’re interested in more activity happening around the Games Sprint in the next few days, watch out on the Planet for posts with the blue sign which you see on the left.


3 Responses to “KDE Games Sprint, day 0”

  1. Impressed Says:

    Android on N810? Links? 🙂

    • Stefan Majewsky Says:

      Ask a search engine. I haven’t yet got around to trying something, and actually want to try it with an N810 != my own first. I use mine for mapping and music, and am afraid that I cannot restore it to this state should I corrupt the Maemo installation.

  2. Josef Says:

    I’ve just installed it from http://www.talkandroid.com/134-android-nokia-n810-install/. It sort of launches on top of Maemo. The window close buttons don’t seem to work, you need to press the hardware “return” button. Exit from Android doesn’t seem to be possible, you must shut down by pressing the hardware power-off which invokes a special Android menu. The maps thing doesn’t work, there’s no shell and no about dialogue with Android information. In summary, you don’t miss much if you don’t install it, but it doesn’t hurt either.

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