Implicit cast quirks

April 15, 2011

I thought I let you know why I just had to throw away three days worth of computation data.

double importantPrefactor(bool freeEvolution);

void multistep(bool freeEvolution, /* ... */)
    /* ... */
    const double pre = importantPrefactor(free);
    /* ... */

Yes, I used the wrong identifier inside the multistep function. Still it compiles and runs without error (except for the garbage data that comes out), because there’s a goddamn implicit cast from void(*)(void*) to bool. If you don’t believe this, try this:

qDebug() << "Is there a goddamn cast?" << ((bool) ::free);

Of course the conversion gives true because the function pointer is not null. Argh!


2 Responses to “Implicit cast quirks”

  1. Anon Says:

    That’s a C-style (and therefore, explicit) cast: you mean something like

    bool b = free;

    My copy of GCC actually gives a warning when the address of a function is used in a boolean context.

  2. I hate these implicit pseudo bools as well.
    For years I have been wishing for a compiler switch that would at least create a warning if something like a pointer or an int is abused as a boolean.

    One of very few things I miss from Java

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