Introducing obs-tools: Doing away with ugly repository URLs on openSUSE

January 22, 2012

While I like openSUSE’s approach of ordering extra packages into addon repositories on their Build Service, I hate those ugly repository URLs. GUI users may just use the one-click install links on the package search, but command-line enthusiasts are out of luck.

To solve the problem, I’ve written two small Python scripts. obs-addrepo wraps zypper addrepo for Build Service repos:

# before
$ sudo zypper addrepo Application:Geo
# after
$ sudo obs-addrepo Application:Geo

obs-quickinstall is the 1-click installer for command-line users:

# before
$ sudo zypper addrepo temp
$ sudo zypper refresh temp
$ sudo zypper install --from temp josm
$ sudo zypper removerepo temp
# after
$ sudo obs-quickinstall Application:Geo josm

Both tools are now available as the obs-tools package (Git repo). Packages are currently building on the Build Service, the project page has installation instructions.


6 Responses to “Introducing obs-tools: Doing away with ugly repository URLs on openSUSE”

  1. Ugh. I’ll stick with my pacman and yaourt:

    sudo pacman -S josm
    yaourt -S josm

    • Actually those are quite different. Adding a repo in Arch would have to be done by hand – there is no “zypper ar” equivalent.

      Not that I cared, the way zypper does it is mostly different – not better or worse. Compared to pacman the only diff you’d notice in every day usage is that zypper is faster. Unless you want to do obscure things, zypper is if course quite a bit more extensive than pacman. But this is linux, who wants to do anything weird? πŸ˜€

      Anyway, the obs-tools are very nice – seems to save some typing. Can we have these as part of zypper? so you can do say zypper in Application:Geo josm ???

  2. Jose Says:

    @The Techno Jesus

    On opensuse the equivalent is

    zypper in josm

  3. Bernhard M. Says:

    you can already use one-click URLs on commandline:

  4. mxttie Says:

    nice.. gotta love the quickinstall πŸ™‚

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