Any users of libkdegames?

January 31, 2012

Since we’re thinking about updating libkdegames, I was just wondering if any developer outside kdegames uses libkdegames. If you are or know such a developer, please write a comment.


7 Responses to “Any users of libkdegames?”

  1. Kevin Kofler Says:

    I ran a repoquery on the Fedora repository. There are 2 packages in Fedora using kdegames itself and knights.

  2. Zsuró Tibor Says:


    My game Ketris ( on the ) is using libkdegames, and now working on other game ( card game ), which will use this library.

    I think this is a good library.

    Zsuró Tibor

  3. noughmad Says:

    Yeah, I am (the Knights developer).

    I’ve been neglecting my list-reading duties, so thanks for reminding me :). In any case, Knights doesn’t use any of the things you mentioned in the post, so it’s fine with me.

  4. paolo Says:

    BTW, have you got some hints (docs or similar) to the noobs like me who want to make a (simple) game on kde?


  5. Benni Says:

    I know, I’m a bit late.
    I’m one of the developers of SchafKopf, a bavarian card game for KDE. (
    We were affected by the changes, but just copied lskat’s “fromlibkdegames” directory into our repository and are fine again.

    Do you think we would benefit from using kpat’s libkcardgame?

    Best wishes

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