Is anyone using custom mouse actions in Palapeli?

February 13, 2012

Another inquiry post. I’m thinking about removing the custom mouse interaction code in Palapeli. The situation is that whereas most applications hardcode what certain mouse buttons do (e.g. left button = click, right button = context menu), Palapeli allows the user to configure which mouse button (or wheel) does what. For reference, this is the default configuration:

Problem is that the code behind these mouse button associations is awkwardly complex.¹ I plan to remove this mess and replace it with a sane default configuration because I feel it’s just adding clutter without providing much added value.

So if you want me to keep this code, please write back. Besides that, I also accept recommendations for a better default configuration.

¹ In numbers: 1127 LOC where the whole application is about 6000 LOC.


8 Responses to “Is anyone using custom mouse actions in Palapeli?”

  1. Not using Palepeli, but I can imagine this configuration is not needed. These things depend on good configuration defaults, providing a plug&play experience for users.

  2. Arien Says:

    The defaults always felt natural to me. I just now found out Palapeli could do custom mouse actions. In hindsight I probably never took a good look because I didn’t feel the need to change anything.

    Thanks a lot for Palapeli, it’s a lot of fun. People are often curious and ask me what software that is when they see me play.

  3. sune Says:

    I have played quite a bit palapeli, but never tried to configure this.

  4. I wasn’t aware of these settings – wasn’t looking for them.
    The defaults are fine.

    But it would nice to have a list of recent puzzles, otherwise how do i find the last puzzle i didn’t finish?

  5. Ian Wadham Says:

    The defaults seem fine. I sometimes find myself resizing the puzzle table when I meant to move a piece. This is not a serious problem, but maybe some smaller “handles” for resizing the puzzle table would solve it.

    I would certainly be happy to see that “awkwardly complex” code go. It makes it difficult for someone to get into the Palapeli code and work on possible new features, such as aids for handling large puzzles of 1000 pieces or more.

  6. PedroMC Says:

    I’m using the defaults and never had a need to change them.

  7. altarius Says:

    i’d love to use my mouse-wheel for scrolling and not for zooming.
    id would be even more awesome, if scrolling to left/right could be done by mouse (this fancy push wheel left and right stuff)

  8. Hal Says:

    never changed a thing and I like it a lot!

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